Prior to moving to France in February 2019 and opening Château Douzens in April 2019 on a Château Hire or B&B basis, we managed a 50-bedroom Hotel in Jersey, Channel Islands, organising weddings and events with a restaurant seating 130, external terraces, Lounge and Pool Bars and six 2-bedroom Self Catering Chalets, as well as Country Retreat Self Catering Holiday Home.

We are very excited in our new venture and look forward to welcoming Guests and holding many memorable private Events at the Château.

See you soon!

Mark & Sonia


Built in 1127, Château de Douzens was home to the all-powerful Knights Templar during the Middle Ages. Although never officially identified, local legend has it that Château de Douzens is one of these former Templar Houses and therefore potentially the site of buried Templar treasure – so much so that Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler sent a search team to the area, headed by Otto Rahn, the archaeologist who was the inspiration for the character of Indiana Jones. Some of the original aspects remain to this day.


Château De Douzens
3 Place de l’Église
11700 Douzens



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